A year into the soil preparation of vineyard development and the Luna vineyard is really taking shape. To date we have carried out deep ripping, applied rock minerals and sown green manure crops all with the aim of creating a well balanced planting environment for October 2016.

The green manure crops will continue to protect the soils during the next few months as heavy machinery visit to install trellis, irrigation and frost infrastructure. These cultivation and cropping activities have provided a fantastic range of land observations. We can see already where the soils are heavy clay in contrast to the free draining sandy gravels.

These observations have helped us design more precise irrigation design and plan for extra compost applications in the sandy stony soils.

While the green manure crops were growing, we have worked away the mapping the Luna Vineyard to ensure we can create the very best vine rows ahead of planting. On the ground our surveyors helped us mark all post positions ahead of steel posts and plastic clips. These posts provide the vision for lining up our piping for irrigation and frost.

Our compost is a healthy blend of straw and cow manure. During the winter it will be blended with worm castings, rested, then spread and incorporated to the vine row ahead of planting.